About Us

ACSS Transitions, a woman owned, Washington DC based Health & Wellness Company, lays claim to some of the best and brightest in the field of Health & Wellness in order to support mothers and mothers to be. We have gathered a core team who’s focus and dedication is in sharing and communicating knowledge to help mother’s navigate the healthcare world.

  • Angel J. Miller, MSN, CNM is a certified nurse-midwife who has been practicing since 1997. She received her nursing degree in 1986 and her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degrees in Nursing at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. After many years of working as a labor and delivery nurse, Ms. Miller was certified in nurse-midwifery by the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing in Hyden, Kentucky.
  • Shelia L. Kirkbride, MS, NC,VE, is a strong advocate of health and wellness in women’s health and places emphasis on the prevention factors that can lead to disease, rather than the mere treatment of disease. Ms. Kirkbride is trained as a Transitions Lifestyle Coach and is also a Nutrametrix Consultant.
  • Corry L. Matthews, MS in Sports Medicine is a professional athlete, certified personal trainer, certified pre-postnatal fitness consultant, certified nutritionist and health and wellness coach whose focus is on helping people achieve their fitness goals no matter where they’re starting from.
  • Stacia D. Kelly, PhD, MHt is a PhD in Holistic Health, a Master Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Stress Management Specialist. Her focus is on helping others achieve balance in body and mind.

Each member of our team truly strives to practice what we teach. Some days, we succeed on all fronts. Some days, we only hit a few.

The key is: Real Life. Real Health. Real Wellness.