Shelia L. Kirkbride – Psychology Expert

Shelia L. Kirkbride, MS, NC, VE

Shelia is a strong advocate of health and wellness in women’s health and places emphasis on the prevention factors that can lead to disease, rather than the mere treatment of disease. She is a successful clinical psychologist who provides her clients with exceptional professional skills by supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of women.

Ms.Kirkbride started her career in the mental health field after she received her B.S. in Psychology from Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC with focus on substance abuse, psychological testing, and dual diagnosis. She then obtained her Master’s Degree from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC where she discovered ways to view disease from different models instead of the traditional treatment model. According to Ms. Kirkbride there is not a “one size fits all” approach to overall health. She has continued with this belief and has incorporated the use of DNA testing in her private practice. DNA analysis is one of the cornerstones Ms. Kirkbride continues to use successfully with her clients. By assessing risk for disease, she is able to recommend the right lifestyle choices and the most beneficial diet/supplementation regimen to reduce risk. Ms.Kirkbride advocates it is possible to pinpoint the personal susceptibility of an individual BEFORE any disease process occurs and customize the steps needed to help support the body’s processes and minimize the risk of future health challenges!

Ms. Kirkbride is training in psychology and rehabilitation counseling  with experience in DNA analysis and nutrigenomics, counseling individuals and groups about nutritional/nutraceutical wellness. The Transitions Lifestyle System integrates eating habits, exercise and supplementation into a flexible, step-by-step program that helps individuals go from overweight to fit while building healthy habits that last a lifetime.