Stacia D. Kelly – Hypnotherapist/Stress Mgmt Expert

Stacia D. Kelly, PhD, MhT

Hello, my name is Stacia Kelly. I hold a PhD in holistic health and am a Master Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (among other things). I’m also a wife (to a talented husband), mother to one beautiful young man and three cats, martial artist, writer and sculptor. I’ve taken up strength training, running (which I still protest but do because of the results) and a massive effort to be vegetarian to be more healthy and promote healthy ideals to those I coach. I love the beach and paranormal romance novels and yes, if you find me AT the beach I have my nose buried IN a romance novel. You can find my alter ego here, where she creates worlds and stories and characters and gives them as much grief as possible.

I am a co-author of 9 Months In/9 Months Out – a holistic approach to pregnancy with the awesome experts over at ACSS Transitions. I’m a Certified Stress Management Coach as well. And, I wrote Muse – Breathe. Focus. Achieve. to help writer’s overcome writer’s block.

I hold a 1st degree black belt and have been focusing on my training for 2nd degree with 6th degree Coach Tom Callos and Everything Self Defense and the 100 Network. We’re taking it out of the dojo and into the community.

While helping new clients, I’ve taken it ‘out of the dojo’ (which I mean out of the office as well) and am currently developing a Martial Arts/Fitness program for the House, a Leadership program for at risk youth in my home town and preparing to expand it into the schools of Prince William County. I (along with my husband and business partner, Nick Kelly) am also a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Abused and Neglected Children (CASA) in Prince William County. We are actively working on building KittenKlaws, a non profit dedicated to providing health and safety training to at risk youth.

I founded Mind-Body-Spirit Works, just outside of Washington DC, and focus my time on holistic health coaching and writing (books, blogs, guest blogs, articles…you name it). We help people decrease their pain and stress by showing them alternative methods to counter modern day illnesses and dis-ease.

I learned a long time ago that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I love teaching others how to do the same.

You can contact me here at Email is usually the best as I don’t like answering the phone. And, if you know my phone number, texting works too 😉

Now for the educational/certification stuff….because you just KNOW you’re dying to know about it…

As an aside, (if you’re STILL READING) I love languages, art, and other cultures. So, you can probably find me studying Swedish or Chinese lately, just because languages interest me.