It’s been a hard day/week/month/year all the way around for many of my friends…this is for you….

I’m sorry. My heart is with you.

I am a fighter, but it’s been built to protect a heart/ego easily broken too. (Although, my mother might argue the fact that I’ve always been a fighter/protector, I’m just quiet in my actions. Most days.) I’m also that scared little girl still trying to figure out her way in life, but…aren’t we all still trying to figure that out? (And for the smart alec boys….lol…that includes you too, just put BOY in place )

I envy anyone who knows exactly who they want to be in life. I just know what things I want to DO!

I’m not any stronger than you. I’m right there with you.

I have my ways of dealing with things, and they may be different than yours, but they’re not any better or worse. They’re just mine.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and fix it....from deaths, to acts of mother nature, to acts of man, to illnesses, hiccups,…and more. There has been so much death, destruction, … chaos both in the macro (the world) and the micro (our own lives) lately. It’s gotten a little chaotic..

I wish I could fix it all. I can’t. But, I can offer you this:

  • The smile of a child who’s laughing in pure joy.
  • The purr of a kitten in your lap.
  • The joy of a puppy playing tug of war.
  • The rapture of the hawk in flight.
  • The ferocity of a mother tiger protecting her young.
  • The flight of a butterfly on the wind.
  • The beauty of sunrise or of the full moon.
  • The delight in a deep meditation that allows you to open your eyes and realize that everything is connected, and there is balance and symmetry.
  • The precious sleep of a baby, so innocent and new.
  • The hug and pride from a grandparent, so proud of all your accomplishments.
  • That first touch.
  • That first kiss.
  • The newness of love or attraction that narrows your focus to the here and now.
  • The comfort of love knowing you always have someone to return to, to hold you.
  • To creating something.
  • A mother’s love: Solid, true, unyielding, unwavering.
  • A teacher’s love: sharing, caring, but making you stand on your own two feet.
  • The deep, deep sleep of pure rest.
  • The laughter in the heat of the Alabama sun while working. (You know who you are )
  • The joy in finding food that provides pure energy and not feelings of sleep.
  • The dance of the sunlight on spring leaves.
  • The fiery brilliance of autumn on the trees along your drive.
  • The smile of surprise when you help someone other than yourself.
  • The hugs from someone you’ve helped, heart felt and so true.
  • And for our techies….The autocorrect on your smart phone and LOLCATS or ICANHAZCHEESEBURGER
  • And to ALL OF YOU, a true, heartfelt THANK YOU. I may not tell you often enough, but thank you for your friendship, it means something to me.

…choose your beauty, your laughter, your smiles. Some of these are mine that I willingly share…some of these are from others, shared with me, and I pass them along. Please, add your own below. You never know who you might help in the sharing of the things that make you smile.

Thank you. I may not say it enough..but here it is….(and if I missed you in the tag…sorry….FB doesn’t make it easy!!!!)

thank you

you are amazing. thank you.



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