The end is near!!

Counting down the days

Wow, I am amazed at how fast the time has flown by since that first day finding out I was pregnant to now, being 39 weeks along and just waiting to meet my new little girl!  People are always asking what I did differently this time vs. last time and if it made a difference in everything…and my answer is yes!  I learned from the first time around that a) I didn’t want to gain as much weight, b) I wanted to keep my normal workout routine up for longer and c) I wanted to adjust my schedule so that when the end approached I had down time and time to recover!  The first time around its not that I wanted to jump back into work, working out, basically everything – I pretty much expected myself too!  This time, I am giving myself the time to be hormonal, sad, adjust and just enjoy my growing family!

Not gaining too much weight  AND maintaining my workouts

These to go together!!!  During my first pregnancy I gave into those not so healthy cravings on a regular basis, saying “I’ll work it off afterwards or breast feeding will help me lose the weight”.  And in turn I gained close to 45 pounds, suffered major post partum depression and wasn’t able to breastfeed.  So, this time around I allow myself my cravings but in moderation and I kept up with my fitness routine, which helped not only with the weight gain but also with my overall mood/hormonal balance.  I kept teaching my classes (including Step) right up until 38 weeks!  It felt great.  I modified the step, watched my heart rate, and stayed super hydrated and bonus, kept the swelling that commonly accompanies summer pregnancies away until these last few weeks.  I also kept up my weight training program, only scaling it back at the beginning of my 9th month and doing more cardio just because it feels good.  The research I did to write the fitness/nutrition portions of the book totally changed my outlook this time around.  And the weight gain – 32 pounds!


As all new moms can attest, time is no longer yours once you have a baby, add another into the mix and you are really lucky if you get a shower daily!  In my case, I am also juggling my business!  And I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I love what I do for a living – I help others reach their goals, and bring happiness into their everyday life.  And, my career and my children blend beautifully.  However, as I approached the end of my pregnancy and beginning of “Mom of 2” I knew I had to look at everything in my life and choose what do I want to keep doing, stop doing or put off until later!  I am not sure how it will all balance once baby #2 is here (yep, her name is a secret for now), but I am giving myself the opportunity to just live in the moment, adjust and not be hard on myself!  And yes, this time around, I made sure to take time off!


I would love to do a VBAC this time around.  Yet, with my new outlook at the end of the day what I really want is a healthy mommy and baby.  If a c-section is the option to make that possible than that is the best delivery option for me!

I can’t wait to check back in with everyone!!!

~ Corry 
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