Welcome to Mommy Bag Marketing Social Media Director!

I’m so excited! We’ve been reaching out to moms across the Net and finding some of the best people to come share things with you. Please give a warm welcome to Nicole from Mommy Bag Marketing.


Nicole Elliott & Daughter

Nicole Elliott & Daughter

Hello! My name is Nicole Elliott. I am the Social Media Director for Mommy Bag Marketing, Inc. which I love representing because it supports Christian Moms and Christian businesses in a unique and fun way. I’m also a military spouse to my fabulous hubby of 7 years who serves in the Coast Guard. We have two darling children: a 4 year old girl who is the carbon copy of me and a feisty little (almost) 2 year old boy who NEVER stops running (literally!).

In my spare time (if you’re a work from home mom too that phrase is where you start laughing) I blog over at Wyoming Girl *turned* Coastie Wife. While I’m not too busy writing there you can find me across the internet guest blogging and freelance writing and I’m so thrilled to make it to your little corner of the world! With my busy life and constant traveling and moving it seems that I’m always coming up with ideas and thoughts to share, and I look forward to sharing them all with you!